What is the “Guanciale”?

What is the “Guanciale”?

Guanciale is an Italian cured meat that is is obtained from the pig’s cheek (Guancia in Italian), which contains a part of lean veins of muscle with a component of fine fats.

Fats whose value is superior to those found in pancetta (from the belly) or in lard (from the back ).

How they do it?

The butchers get the pig’s cheek with a cut that starts from the throat and which allows getting the classic triangular shape of the Guanciale.

The tradition of Amatrice and Abruzzese provides that: they season the meat with salt and spices for about a week.

Then it is slightly smoke the meat by placing it near a fire of oak and leave to mature at least three months.

How to taste it?

Cut into thin slices is the main protagonist of many dishes, starting with the plate of appetizers and salami platter.

We can also use it in the preparation of delicious bruschettas.

The heat of the bread, in fact, will melt its wonderful fat allowing us to taste the delicious mix created by its velvety softness and crunchy bread.

How to use it in the kitchen?

In traditional Italian Cuisine, the Guanciale is one of the most important ingredients in the preparation of sauces for famous pasta dishes in traditional regional recipes.

Together with the pecorino cheese, it allows to create, in a very fast way, an exceptional seasoning for pasta, to start with two classic Italian recipes:   Spaghetti alla Carbonara and Bucatini alla Amatriciana.

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