The easiest ways to remove tomatoes skin

The easiest ways to remove tomatoes skin

Let’s discover together the easiest ways to remove tomatoes skin.

There are two easy methods to peel the tomatoes, it all depends on how many tomatoes you have to peel and how ripe they are.

Normally we often eat tomatoes with all the skin, like salads but to prepare the sauce or a preserve sometimes we find ourselves having to peel large quantities of tomatoes in a very short time. Many people hate doing it: it becomes a very confusing, and dirty procedure.

Is it possible to peel them quickly?

Of course: in this guide, I explain how to peel tomatoes in the easiest and fastest way possible. All you need is, of course, tomatoes a knife, boiling water and a basin with ice.

First Method:

Use a vegetable peeler

You can peel firm tomatoes white a sharp vegetable peeler just like any vegetable, but you can lose a bit of tomato flesh with this method.

Second Method:

If you’re peeling softer, likely riper tomatoes or have a lot of tomatoes to peel you may need to blanch them which can be done very easily:

Cut a small “X” just through the thin skin on the bottom of each tomato.

Dip the tomatoes in a pot of boiling water for 30 seconds, and let them sit for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Long enough so that the skin near the “X” that you made is curling away from the tomato.

Lift or drain the tomatoes out of the hot water. If you let them sitting hot too long, you can quickly dunk them into ice water to stop them from cooking or softening too much.

It is astonishing to see how the skin comes off so easily from each tomato.

Use a paring knife to lift or scrape them off, if you properly blanch the tomatoes, it is easy to peel them with just your fingers.


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