Italian Risotto

Do you want to try a tasty Italian risotto?

Are you looking for ideas to prepare recipes that leave everyone speechless and … with a full stomach?

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In this section of Italian risotto, you can take inspiration and follow the recipes step by step for excellent creamy and inviting first courses.

For each season you can cook the most suitable risotto. For a cold winter evening, a dish with seasonal vegetables, legumes or tastier cheeses will be perfect. For a summer lunch, a soft risotto with a light taste or cold rice will be the optimal solution.

I will advise the right Italian risotto for every moment. From risottos for informal and simple meals (such as risotto with tomato sauce, risotto with mushrooms, risotto with courgettes or vegetables). To more refined ones for more important occasions (such as risotto scampi, strawberry risotto or champagne risotto).

I will reveal all the secrets for a perfect risotto. So don’t miss all the tips you will find within each recipe.

You will discover how to cook risotto to the rule of the art. Toasting the rice, seasoning, cooking times and creaming are some basic rules to know to be true chefs in the field of risotto.

What are you waiting for? Run to the kitchen; you just have to choose which will be the first recipe to try.



A classic autumn recipe based on mushrooms to bring to the table for your family or your guests

The real Italian “Saffron Risotto”

The real Italian “Saffron Risotto”

The real Italian ” Saffron Risotto”  or “Risotto allo Zafferano” ( in Italian) is a great classic of Lombardy cuisine that illuminates the coldest winter days with its golden color! Cooked in beef broth, with the addition of saffron that gives it its flavor and Read More ;