How to clean a fish in one minute

How to clean a fish in one minute

That’s how chefs clean a fish in a minute.

In this guide, I will explain how to clean a fish in one minute.

Cleaning fish is not a particularly pleasant job, but everyone can do it, not just the fishmongers or the great chefs.

Basically cleaning the fish means gutting it by removing the entrails, cutting the fins with scissors and scales with a knife.

With short and simple steps you will be able to clean a fresh fish, getting a product ready to cook for any recipe you want to make.

Here’s how to clean a fish in one minute.

First of all, to clean a fresh fish, I advise to wear a pair of latex gloves, then you will need a knife and kitchen scissors

Start cleaning scale the fish using a dull knife, I advise scaling the fish under running water or underwater to prevent a mess.

scale a fish with a knife

Remove the scale on both sides, the top and the bottom of the fish scratching from the tail to the head.

cut along the fish belly to remove the innards

Then with scissors cut along the belly, then remove the innards and scrape out any dark.

with scissors remove the fish sides fins

Remove the sides fins then from tail to head cut out the dorsal fin

removing the abdominal fins

Remove the bottom fins

removing the fish dorsal fin

Cut out the dorsal fin from tail to head

fish ready to cook

Wash the fish well under running water to remove all traces of blood.


Then pat with kitchen paper to dry it.

Now your fish is ready to be cooked.


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